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Walnuts are a rather awesome food and plant, and we have created this website to describe all of its properties, health benefits and history. We have managed to retrieve the official walnuts nutrition data available from the US FDA

Walnuts are a dry nut, enclosed between two semispherical hard shells joined together, and the fruit has a characteristic butterfly shape that resembles brains. Their white, slightly bitter flesh consists mainly of a blend of vegetable fats(60%), followed by a very respectable amount of protein (24%) and a lower amount of carbohydrates (10%)

What's great about walnuts is that medical studies have shown them to improve several physical illnesses, promote weight loss (even though the caloric content is fairly high) and enhance overall health. This beneficial effects are probably linked to their high content in seldom-eaten Omega-3 polyunsaturated fats, which are slowly but steadily disappearing from our diets (rich in processed foods) but are absolutely essential for the good functioning of our bodies. You can find a much more detailed explanation in our walnuts health benefits page.

It has been calculated that more than 95% of american population is chronically lacking a good daily amount of Omega-3 fats, which causes a general decrease in health (especially heart conditions, weight control and cancer). Aside from walnuts, this substance is most readily available in foods such as fat fish (like salmon or halibut) or vegetable sources such as flaxseed, but really, how likely are you to bring a piece of salmon and some flaxseed at work? We think walnuts are the most practical solution for today's fast-paced work schedules. 5-10 Walnuts a day is all it takes to regain a big slice of your health back

Walnut trees are fairly easy to grow in your own backyard, and we have provided (for the low cost of 0$) a very good book, written at the beginning of the '900, about growing english walnuts

We hope you will enjoy our carefully chosen articles and will bookmark our site for future reference!

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